When Family Turns Away

For those who have a long history of being a player, part of what keeps them able to justify it is the unspoken support of their family. While many members might feel their behavior is wrong, failing to do something about the situation can be looked upon as approval. For those who outright support it, part of the issue might be the good feeling the player gets from them. It is often difficult for any family to control the adult behavior of a member, but when family turns away from a player it can signal a change in their life is about to occur.

Immaturity is often seen as part of the personality of a person who continually cheats, and families often put up with it when they are single. Once this person has made a commitment to a relationship, their own family members will expect them to settle down. If the player fails to understand this fact, they could continue their destructive behavior until their spouse catches them. It is at that time the family is most likely to begin considering their own reactions.

It might not happen that the family turns away the first time a married member is caught cheating, but there could eventually come a time when they will make that choice. It could simply be that they are tired of the drama it creates, or they might actually care deeply for the spouse. If there are children involved, their disgust will be more apparent.

Adults generally find it hard to change their own behavior patterns, but serious issues can cause their family to push them into it. For those who have repeatedly cheated on their spouse, it might be only when their family turns away that they will begin to realize their choices in life have become unacceptable.