Living with Regret

There have been plenty of players out there who ended up ruining relationship before they discovered what they really lost. Some of them had found the perfect partner, but they thought it was okay to betray them because they would never get caught. Others might not have started off as players, but opportunities existed that they took without hesitation. They might leave their partner looking as if they had no cares, but living with regret could be their lot far into the future.

It would seem the person who betrays their partner often has little or no trouble getting into a new relationship, but looks can be deceiving. They might not be able to fully trust the person they are with, or they could have settled for someone far below their station in life. They might be the type of person who needs the outward appearance of a relationship, and their bad behaviour could get worse as time passes. Their inability to form a viable new relationship on the inside gives them nothing more than a relationship for show.

While the pain and anguish of betrayal can also their partner down in the beginning, their own faithfulness could eventually help them find a better partner. Rather than living with regrets of what they have lost, they can now look forward to a bright future with someone they love. This is the partner who will have their revenge without the need for it because they have found someone worthy of them.

Playing around on a partner can have bitter and lasting consequences, and even appearances can wear thin after a while. True happiness in a relationship is developed when two people can trust each other to be faithful and caring, so only the person who had that ability all along will be able to move on to a new and better relationship.